Organised byMcDonalds
Receipt Valid till7 Days
RewardFree Sandwich, McNuggets or Happy Meal
How To RedeemValidation Code

How To Participate in the Mcdvoice survey ?

Do you love to know to participate in the mcdvoice survey now ..?? Customer love to complete take part in the customer satisfaction survey. Go to the short questionnaire list to answer series of questions and complete the Mcdonald’s survey. We welcomes you with exciting coupons and vouchers. You just need receipt for doing all this.

  1. Visit McDonalds Survey Official Website
  2. If not you can try this.
  3. Scroll down and choose your native language ie., in English or Spanish (español).
  4. Then Just enter the 26-digit McDonald’s survey Code and begin the customer satisfaction survey.
  5. If you do not have this code, you enter through written post card method to for concerned authorities for participation.
  6. The survey redirects to Questionnaire which you need answer it
  7. Answer all the multiple choice questions honestly.
  8. Note down Validation Code.